Business Trip

Tarokh travel and & Tourism International Co. process professionalism through its personalized & intergraded service that are both time saving and cost effective with very special discounted rate. Our professional travel manager will take care of exhibitions offer their intergraded services to those who travel Iran only for participants in:

*** Seminars

*** International Exhibitions

*** Sport Events

*** Research Conferences

Our consultant and management serving the requirement of travellers such as:

*** Travel Guide Services

*** Interpreter & Translation Services

*** Secretary Services

*** Iran Visa Application Form

*** Transfers

*** Iran Exhibition Management

*** Office Equipment Renting

*** City Tours

*** Hotel booking in different ranking with very special discounted rate.

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This tour covers interests in visiting and exploring scientific landmarks of Iran

Being with tribes like a real Nomad in the mountains and plains of Iran

Silence and Peace in Beautiful and Magnificent Deserts of Iran

This tour includes visiting the coasts and islands of Persian Gulf, relaxing and enjoying.

Enjoying green nature of Iran in the Caspian Sea coasts

The best tour to discover glory of Iran… simple and comprehensive.

Visiting the Western Part of Iran and Ancient Persia

Peace in Mind and visiting most holy places of Iran

Experience an incredible adventure in the mountains of Iran

The best chance to visit Iran and see 4 seasons in the same time.