Itinerary for Chinese New Year

Dear Changxu Import & Export Trading Co.,
here you can find the best possible recommendations for travelling Iran including flight option to Iran, tour plan, cities, landscapes and hotels along with alternative dates and hotels.

Aryana Travel Group wants sure that the group will experience comfort, rich and memorable journey in Iran. During this week, we tried to find the best places and conditions with fare cost. Also we are trying for more discounts for you.

You will come to Iran in your holiday for Chinese New Year Eve. At first, we should say Happy New Year with best wishes to you and your employees. We are trying that your groups feel Iran as home along with happiness, respect and a lot of exciting activities. It will be our honor for a long time.

As it is presented, we divided required information in three sections including:
First (Flight), you will see the best possible options for flights to come Iran and return home. we considered two issues: Flight duration and cost. The information of arrival and departure time, the airline, flight duration, costs and routes is provided here. At the end of this section, the total cost of tour is provided per person. We recommend that read the whole itinerary and consider possible options. Then come back to this part.
Second (Tour Plan), the information of cities, attractions, food and restaurants, and the pictures is provided.
Third (Hotel), the information of hotels, the locations and the pictures as well as the alternative choices in some parts is presented.

NOTE: After choosing the Flight and Hotel Plans, we are able to provide exact and detailed tour plan.


Tour Plan



Everything in this plan is flexible and can be changed. We will be very grateful if you share your comments and opinions about the plan. It could help us to provide the best conditions for your amazing, memorable journey.
By the following Form you can directly share your comments with us, or you can continue contacting our General Manager, Majid.
Happy New Year in advance.
Best regards and best wishes to you and your employees.
Aryana Travel