Cyrus Group Tour

An incredible chance to discover Iran and ancient Persia

Iran is a great and beautiful country with a lot of places and attractions to see, feel and experience. We are trying to be sure you will take positives as much as it’s possible. Aryana Travel Agency believe tourism can preserve environment and promote the quality of life in domestic societies. For this reason, we planned a tour especially for you to see Iran and its attractions, differently. You will see the normal life and lovely culture of Iranians, feel the nature without hindrance, wonder architecture of Iran, walk around the Iran history and Ancient Persia, taste Iranian foods without worry, experience love and hospitality and stay in amazing traditional houses. We have a lot of stories to tell you.

For knowing what are details, follow the brief itinerary or download the brochure.

The Tour includes:

All accommodation (You will stay in ‘traditional’ Iranian boutique hotels wherever possible and if you prefer a private room throughout the tour an extra 250 US$ will be added)
Local Tour Guide
All domestic transportation (Private tour bus for the entirety of the trip (except Tehran) , including a domestic train to take you from Shiraz to Tehran at the last step of the tour)
Entrance to most major and less known attractions/ tourist sites in each city

Please note: All international flights to and from Iran are not included the price.

This tour includes several cities in Iran and will perform as a group tour. If you need different facilities, you will not have time, or you want see other cities, please check our other Tours or Planning Your Journey.

This is suitable for every one traveling as solo, couple, family, friends and so on, and interesting to experience natural, historical and cultural attractions.

If you like this tour you can register and book your place, please complete the form. If you need more information or you have special conditions, please Contact Us. We will be so happy to help you.


Day 1:  Tehran

Day 2-3: Kashan

Day 4-6: Esfahan

Day 7-8: Yazd

Day 9-12: Shiraz

Day 13-15: Qeshm Island (Optional)

To reserve the tour, complete the following form, please:

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