Nomad Tour

Being with tribes like a real Nomad in the mountains and plains of Iran

This is what we recommend :

Iran is rich for having different tribes of nomads inside it. Every tribe has got a distinct language or accent, ritual and custom, migration range and other traditions for themselves. You are going to experience the life style which is basically the initial manner of living of prime societies in the world in the most intact way of it in Iranian plateau. The context itself is odd and unrivaled to touch and Explaining about this experience is incomplete by words but you may find the sense of how it can be with reading highlights of this journey supplement by photos and videos. Beyond anything we tell you over this experience, the important point is to give yourself in the hand of stream of nomadic life and how they deal with nature surrounding all around. Nothing is changed or being decorated where you experience nomad life in a short stay of you, but everything is in the way nomads themselves live it to be authentic with at least manipulated experience.

What you will Experience

  • Being the intimate guest of Qashqai nomad family at southwest Iran base in Zagros Mountains range
  • Experience a life manner with all the material and tools made from nature directly and by hand
  • Getting familiar with the reputable small herbal drugstore of tribe
  • Listening to the original caressing stories of nomads and getting drowned into the ear-catching memories
  • Strolling in vast pristine nature of Zagros with the pure air and pleasant weather
  • Hiking in untouched regions of Zagros Mountains
  • Sleeping in the house made of black goat’s wool (Chador shab), by nomad women that is water and windproof

Depending on you, it is flexible tour.
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