Zagros Highlands Tour

Visiting the Western Part of Iran and Ancient Persia

This is what we recommend :

Zagros Highlands Tour is the one of the comprehensive and diverse tours for the tourists visiting Iran. It can performed during the years without any limitation and it can be along with other tours like , such as Civilization Tour, Cultural Tour, Nomad Tour, Nature Tour, Hiking Tour, Skiing Tour, Desert Tour and so on. It can be started and finished in Tehran or Shiraz, as you wish. In the Itinerary, we considered Tehran as the first stop point and Shiraz as the final stop point.
Stop Point 1:
Sightseeing: Iran National Museum , Golestan Palace , Tehran Grand Bazaar, Sa’d Abad Museum Complex
Arrive early morning and check in to your hotel. After a late breakfast start your sightseeing of the Iranian capital.

Stop Point 2:
Sightseeing: Alamut Castle, Chehel Sotoun, Lambsar Castle, Ovan Lake, Alighapou Palace Museum

Stop Point 3:
Sightseeing: Dome of Sultaniyeh, Behestan Castle, Katale Khor, Anguran Protected Area

Stop Point 4:
Sightseeing: Blue Mosque, Arg of Tabriz, El Goli Building, Constitution House of Tabriz,

Stop Point 5:
Sightseeing: St. Mary Church, Segonbad, Jame Mosque, Qare Kelisa,

Stop Point 6:
Sightseeing: Alisadr Cave, Alvand Mountain, Ganj Nameh, Avicenna Tomb, Baba Taher Tomb, Esther and Murdchai Tomb

Stop Point 7:
Sightseeing: Zrebar Lake, Khosro Abad Mansion, Abidar

Stop Point 8:
Sightseeing: Taqe Bostan, Zagros Paleolithic Museum, Behistun Inscription, Statue of Hercules, Piran Waterfall

Stop Point 9:
Sightseeing: Falak ol Aflak Castle, Oshtoran Kuh, Bisheh Waterfall, Gahar Lake

Stop Point 10:
Sightseeing: Shush, Shushtar Historical Hydrolic System, Dezful, Chogha Zanbil, Tomb of Daniel

Stop Point 11:
Sightseeing: Persepolis, Necropolis, Pasargade, Hafez Tomb, Eram Gardan, Saadi Tomb, Persian Culture Dinner, Atiq Mosque, Shahcheragh Shrine,

Depending on you, we can fix the itinerary of tour daily or according to your mode, it is flexible.
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Also if you are interesting to enjoy as a group, you can find Group Tour for different dates.
We want make sure your trip to Iran will be one of the best your journey and moments during your lifetime. As we said always, Travel to Iran Like you Should Do… by Aryana Travel Agency

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