Nasir Al-Molk Mosque

Danced with lights

Nasir al Molk Mosque

Nasir Al-Molk Mosque

According to our previous investigations, we chose the morning as the best time to visit Nasir Al-Molk Mosque. To enter the mosque, it is better to consider your hijab, otherwise a tent will be gave to wear in the front door of mosque and then you can enter. Of course, visiting this mosque has an entrance fee which is different for domestic and international visitors. The mosque is a national monument and was built by order of Nasir al-Molk during the Qajar dynasty. It took 12 years to build and is one of the most beautiful mosques in Iran.

The western nave has very beautiful colored glass from which the sunlight enters the mosque and falls on the carpets of the mosque, and you can see the dance of the beautiful colors and lights. Consider the time to visit the mosque to know that light shines on the windows of the nave. We visited the mosque in May, and it seems that the morning was the best time because full light hit the glass and created a beautiful reflection. Move your eyes in the same way, go from the light on the carpets to the columns and look at the 6 columns that are in two rows in front of the altar and have very beautiful carvings. Then look at the ceiling and the seven-color tiles, which with their special architecture and beautiful designs, multiply the beauty of the environment for you.

We spent an hour inside the mosque and then went to the courtyard. There is a rectangular pool in the center of the courtyard that can be seen everywhere in the historic houses and mosques of Iran. At the bottom of the pool, seven-color tiles have been worked, which is why some people call this mosque the Pink Mosque. The pink theme inside the tiles is dominant and visible.

In the other part of the courtyard, there is eastern nave, which was usually used in the summer due to the less sunlight and cooler space. They now have stalls selling handicrafts, earrings, necklaces and things like that. We bought two inlaid earrings from their booths. These could be interesting as a gift, which depends on your taste. Behind this part is a water well that used to be watered by a cow, which is still shown by the statue of a cow (that is there) and the rope that is attached to the well from the cow, how this was done in ancient times.

In any case, visiting Nasir al-Molk Mosque is highly recommended. Both because of its visual beauty and because of its spiritual feel. Even if you are not a religious person, being in this environment has an interesting sense of calm. You can go and sit in the corner of the nave for a few minutes or even in front of the pond, and see people coming and going, changing colors and features that were made long before we were there. Do not forget the stories. These stones, pillars, and tiles have many stories to tell and to be heard. we happy to answer your question.

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