Caspian Sea Tour

Enjoying green nature of Iran in the Caspian Sea coasts

This is what we recommend :

Caspian Sea Tour is the most green tour and casual road between the tourists visiting Iran for the nature, biodiversity, mountains, sea and fisherman’s life. It can performed during the years without any limitation but the best visiting time is during spring and summer, and it can be along with other tours like , such as Civilization Tour, Cultural Tour, Nature Tour, Hiking Tour, Skiing Tour and so on. It can be started and finished in Tehran or any other cities, as you wish. In the Itinerary, we considered Golestan Province as the first stop point and Tehran as the final stop point.
Stop Point 1:
Golestan Province
Sightseeing: Jahan Nama Protected Area, Gonbad-e Qabus, Lowe Waterfall, Radakan Tower

Stop Point 2:
Mazandaran Province
Sightseeing: Mount Damavand, Badab-e Surt, Churat Lake, Veresk Bridge, Ramsar Palace, Markuh Castle

Stop Point 3:
Gilan Province
Sightseeing: Rudkhan Castle, Anzali Lagoon, Visadar Waterfall, Masouleh

Stop Point 4:
Ardabil Province
Sightseeing: Sheikh Safi al-Din Shrine, Sabalan Hydrotherapy Complex, Yidi Goz Bridge, Qalghanlu,

Stop Point 5:
Sightseeing: Iran National Museum , Golestan Palace , Tehran Grand Bazaar, Sa’d Abad Museum Complex

Depending on you, we can fix the itinerary of tour daily or according to your mode, it is flexible.
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Also if you are interesting to enjoy as a group, you can find Group Tour for different dates.
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