Is It Safe to Travel to Iran?


Is It Safe to Travel to Iran?

Is it Iran Safe? It is a very important question before you travel everywhere. So let’s discover how much Iran is safe.

Around the year, almost 5 million travelers come to Iran. Actually it is less than Iran tourism potential in real. How many of them had unpleasant accidents, problems, issues and so on? This amount is too much less than one percent and can be ignored.

The most considerable part is the experience of travelers. You can check TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and Travelers’ Blog and read about their experiences. There some similar things in all of them… People of Iran. People in Iran proud to their Hospitality as much as you can imagine. Obviously you can see the hospitality when you are in Iran, in every moment. You can ask about the result of this hospitality from the backpackers or hitchhikers. It is not important for Iranians how are you, where are you from, what is your job, how much you have money or anything else… if they feel they can help or guide you, they will do it. If they ask you where you from are, they don’t want judging you, they want find a way to be more warm, comfort and intimate. You are from Germany, Netherlands, Brazil or England, when they know, you will hear something about your national football team. It is the reason to ask questions from you. Just to be sure, when you don’t like their behavior, you can ask politely leave you alone.

And if you need any help you can ask from police, agencies, and of course people. All of them want you have great journey.

But maybe you say Iran is not safe because of political issues. Iranian government has some problems with American government, but just with government, not Americans. Because of this American, British and Canadian citizens have to be with an official tour guide in Iran. About the possible war also, it is not possible. Iranian governments want to show themselves strong but actually they are peaceful and also powerful. Because their peaceful nature, they don’t want start a war and because of their power, no country including USA cannot attack them. It is so expensive and illogical. These are just politic games. If you ask my opinion, I will tell you, ignore the news and find a friend or friend of friend that visited Iran. Ask him or her who was Iran and Iran safety. You will surprise how much the media can control our thoughts.

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What do you think at the end? You will trust to news and media to ignore Iran, or you will come and see what is waiting for you here?

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